We know how important it is to ensure that rights are properly (effectively and legally) acquired so that they can be successfully exploited in business. We also know that owning intellectual property gives you many privileges, but also many risks related to its unfair use by competitors.

In order to effectively enjoy the product of intellect, which is a valuable asset of a company and often its main asset, for years to come, it is necessary to protect it well against unfair use.

We offer comprehensive assistance in the preparation of agreements at every stage of the invention of a technical solution, a trademark, a work, or any other product of human intellect.

We discuss the client’s business needs and plans in order to advise on appropriate contractual security, prepare an optimal draft and then negotiate on the client’s behalf.

Our services include advice at every stage of the investment project, from the work of the entrepreneur/scientist (or his/her employees or subcontractors) in creating the innovative solution, through the development of the trademark, to the preparation of the product, its packaging or label. 

We then propose specific agreement provisions on the rules of cooperation between inventors, entrepreneurs, and other parties involved in the creation of a given solution. We ensure the effective transfer of ownership or licensing of the creations resulting from the work of the inventors for years to come. We also help to regulate the principles of marketing the invented solution.

We know from experience that it is extremely important to ensure protection against unfair disclosure and further use of an idea at this early stage of its creation. Disclosure of the invention by the inventors too early or without the consent of the company that intends to invest in its development may even destroy the possibility of its later protection (especially patent protection) and, consequently, deprive it of the possibility of obtaining exclusivity on the market, so it is extremely important for us to provide professional advice at the earliest possible stage of creative activity.

Inadequately protected intellectual property rights can be an effective barrier to business and can even prevent an entrepreneur from obtaining the protection he or she deserves due to unfair practices by competitors. We know how to counter this, we analyse each situation individually, and we take action to properly secure intellectual property, providing the client with the conditions to fully develop in peace and security for years to come.