Analysis of barriers to implementing solutions

An important element of the strategy for the commercialization of innovative solutions is the analysis of barriers to their implementation.

This analysis is aimed at identifying factors that could make it difficult or unjustified to conduct R&D works or invest in the development of a given project. First of all, this concerns projects that apply for co-financing of research and development works from various support programs and funds.

The assessment of the risk of obstacles to the commercialization of a given solution, performed by a patent attorney, is one of the key elements in the assessment of project applications for EU finance support.

The FGGH IP team has extensive experience in carrying out analyzes of barriers to implementation.

Using modern research tools (patent literature databases), we accurately identify potential limitations (or indicate the lack of them) on the path to launching a product or service on the market.

We build long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we accompany them at every stage of project development. When an initial concept evolves into a prototype with a TRL above 3, we offer an assessment of a patent clearance that complements knowledge of the occurrence of a potential risk of infringement.

Periodic evaluation of barriers to implementation or examination of the patentability of the project as its development progresses is recommended due to the fact that the status of patent protection is subject to change.