Assessment of technological readiness

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)  is a methodology, measured on a 9-point scale, used to determine the stage of development (technological maturity) of a project, invention or innovation.

TRL assessment is closely related to the process of commercialization of inventions. On the basis of the TRL scale, investors and financial institutions can assess whether a given invention is only a concept or a prototype ready for implementation, and this in turn determines the level of investment outlays for research and development in the project.

TRL analysis also helps in planning a solution protection strategy and selecting tools to support the development process.

The FGGH IP team helps in assessing the degree of technological maturity of an invention, and through patent research we can suggest areas in which it is worth conducting research.

Our experience in business and participation in project teams allows us to understand the needs of R&D employees, we advise and support their creative efforts in turning ideas into products.

We want to accompany the development of innovation from the very beginning, minimizing the risks associated with the implementation of technology. We invite you to cooperate, we serve our clients with our knowledge and experience, and we help in meeting all challenges on the way to commercialization.