Changes made to the registers

A characteristic feature of industrial property rights is the long duration of their protection, which may require changes to be made to the data in the registers kept by the relevant patent offices. A change of proprietor, the creation of a pledge or the granting of a licence are typical examples of legal events that require an amendment of the entries in the registers.

In order to change the data in the registers, a request should be prepared together with documents justifying the requested change. It is important to ensure that the data in the registers are kept up to date because of the legally binding principle of the presumption of openness and truthfulness of the entries made in the registers of the competent authorities. In addition, it is the responsibility of the right holder to inform the authority of any change in data, which means that the absence of correct data in the register is a burden on the right holder.

The importance of having correct data is most often demonstrated in situations where the rightholder needs to confirm ownership of the right or to prove ownership before courts or other authorities.

The principle of the presumption of the accuracy of the data entered in the register is binding in the relationship between the registrant and third parties. It is also important for third parties who take business decisions on the basis of the data disclosed in the registers.

In order to avoid the negative consequences of not updating the data in the registers, it is important to keep the competent authorities informed of any changes.

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