Commercialisation is the process of turning an idea for a product or service into reality. 

It is a multi-stage process involving a team of specialists in different fields, inventors, technologists, project managers, financial people and a team of advisors.

Our role is to support the innovation process from the outset, where we are able to verify ideas through patent searches, select legal protection instruments and prepare appropriate agreements to secure our clients’ rights.

Commercialisation is a marathon, the journey from idea to business, requiring the development of a coherent strategy and the search for optimal solutions to maximise return on investment.

Often the commercialisation process begins with the identification of market niches and the search among completed applications for ideas that can complement and add value to the portfolio of existing services or products.

We take great pleasure and challenge in fully supporting the commercialisation process of turning a creative idea into a profitable business. We are aware that the implementation of innovative solutions is not only a financial reward for the effort and investment made in their development, but also a contribution to economic and social progress.

 The team at FGGH IP is happy to assist any entrepreneur or inventor in the commercialisation process.