The creative process often leads to the creation of a work, of which personal copyrights are an immanent part. Protection of the inseparable bond of the creator with the work is manifested, among other things, in the right to mark it with his name or pseudonym and to decide on the form and scope of use of the created work. 

We know from practice that ensuring protection against unfair use of a work already at this initial stage of its creation, as well as taking care of safeguarding of a copyright are a prerequisite for ensuring the entrepreneur’s ability to legally exploit the work, with full exclusivity.

We provide comprehensive advice in supporting entrepreneurs in:

  • identifying works subject to protection and commercialization,
  • preparation of appropriate agreements with authors (on the creation of a work, transfer of rights, licensing, commercialization), as well as 
  • development of invention regulations. 

We prepare analyses and legal opinions in order to identify the creative potential of the entrepreneur, organize the possessed portfolio of rights, regulate rights with creators and secure their lawful, commercial use in business. We take part in negotiations and, in the event of litigation, represent clients before civil courts in disputes aiming at protecting copyrights or combating their unfair use by third parties. We also fight for remuneration owed to creators or entrepreneurs.

We know how important it is to build good business relationships with creators, employees, subcontractors. We realize how much can be gained if we take proper care to provide creators with conditions for creative work, and then to regulate property rights, respecting the personal and proprietory rights of each of the entities involved in the creative process. We are aware of the importance of well-secured creativity for business development.