Court Proceedings

The success of an entrepreneur is the result of many efforts to maintain the exclusivity provided by obtaining a patent, trademark, industrial design or utility model. Copyrights held by entrepreneurs are also of great importance for business development.

Maintaining a strong market position requires a lot of effort and determination on the part of the entrepreneur, including in prosecuting infringements as soon as they are identified.

We are well aware of how much can be lost, but also how much can be gained by properly acting to maintain exclusivity in the rights held.

 As experienced IP experts, we offer comprehensive advice on identifying any infringement. 

We are able to determine what rights a particular entrepreneur has. We analyze whether there is an infringement. If we establish an infgingement, we consequently begin the crucial process of determining a strategy, taking into account all available litigation instruments.

We are able to adapt to changing market conditions, as well as dynamic recent changes in the law. Keeping in mind the opportunities and strictures existing in the regulations, we establish a strategy with the client, consider opportunities and threats, and conduct a heated and creative discussion to develop time- and cost-optimal paths. We act efficiently, prioritizing the interests of our clients.

Combining the authority of legal advisors and patent attorneys in various fields, having a network of top professionals with technical background and experience in litigation, we recommend effective methods of action tailored to the client’s needs. We support entrepreneurs at every stage of infringement, from its identification to its effective elimination. We always discuss opportunities and potential risks together.

We have extensive litigation experience in efficiently identifying litigation instruments that can be used to prosecute violations. 

We help identify claims that we can target a dishonest entrepreneur. 

We prepare statements of claims to stop infringements, applications for securing claims or evidence before the relevant courts, support the client in obtaining evidence of infringement, participate in negotiations, mediation, and, if out-of-court avenues have been exhausted, prepare the client for trial, initiate proceedings, and conduct and advise throughout the proceedings, at all instances. 

 In the event that the dispute takes on a cross-border nature – we cooperate with a network of trusted lawyers and patent attorneys around the world, providing consistent and comprehensive support until the elimination of the infringement that harms the client’s interests.

We take the position that only effective and comprehensive combating of unfair practices of potential competitors, allows you to maintain real market exclusivity giving the entrepreneur full opportunity to exercise the rights he has, thus guaranteeing competitive advantage in a specific area.

At FGGH IP, we know how important it is to act quickly, effectively and optimally when a competitor appears on the market. We represent the approach: zero tolerance for dishonesty. 

We select the means and instruments of action individually to the needs of the client.