Design searches

The industrial design search service reveals prior rights and thus provides an answer to the question of whether the developed design is new and, additionally, the premise of the individual character of the design is assessed.

Within the scope of the industrial design searches, we pay attention to ensure that there are no negative prerequisites precluding registration of the design, such as conflict with public order or good morals. In addition, we verify that there is no design depicting or promoting violence, or discrimination on grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

The purpose of the search is to reduce the risk of opposing a design application or initiating proceedings for the invalidation of a registered design. This situation may arise if a third party already has a registered design. In this way, our clients can save time and money and avoid allegations of infringement of third-party rights.

 In the case of industrial designs, it is advisable to conduct a search of any disclosed designs, both unregistered and registered designs whose protection has expired, as they may also pose a threat to the design being filed.

The search should be carried out with a specific industry in mind. Any design that has been disclosed at any time and anywhere in the world shall be included in a design examination if there is a reasonable presumption that it has been disclosed in the course of normal commercial activities and is known in the circles of specialists in the sector concerned.

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