Industrial design applications

Within the framework of cooperation with the FGGH IP team, our clients will receive assistance in the preparation of industrial design application documentation and advice on:

  • determining the optimum range of design protection matched to the client’s business – in the national, Community or international design protection system;
  • determining the essential features of the design and the optimum scope of protection.

While a Community design provides protection for the entire territory of the European Union, an international design allows protection to be obtained in several countries by filing one application in a single language, with a single fee and currency;

 According to the statutory definition, an industrial design is a new and individually characterised form of a product given to it, in particular through the lines, contours, shapes, colours, texture, or material of the product and its ornamentation.  The essence of a design is to provide protection for the appearance of a product in which the design is embodied, emphasising the creative external element.

A product is any industrially made or crafted object, including, in particular, packaging, graphic symbols, and typographic typefaces, but excluding computer programs. Protection may also be extended to parts of products that can be disassembled and reassembled.

Industrial designs may exist in two-dimensional as well as spatial form, bearing in mind that the right to register an industrial design does not extend to features of a product resulting solely from its technical function.

The registration of an industrial design confers upon its holder the right to prevent third parties from making, advertising, offering, selling, and importing products reflecting or incorporating the design if such acts are undertaken for commercial purposes.

The FGGH IP team provides clients with comprehensive assistance in examining, registering industrial designs, maintaining such protection, and combating rights that threaten the client.