IP rights management

The value of intellectual property rights increases year by year because, in the modern world, economies are based on knowledge. This applies not only to international companies or large corporations with a global reach, but it is also an important element of strategy in smaller organizations that use innovations.

To be able to take advantage of intellectual property rights, it is necessary to properly manage these rights, which, already at the stage of planning the protection strategy and then obtaining and maintaining it, requires taking into account such factors as selecting sales markets, defining short- and long-term goals, identifying competitor activities, and industry trends.

Intellectual property rights are important corporate assets. When applying for IP rights, they should be treated as an investment in building a market monopoly with the possibility of generating income from the granted licenses. An important aspect is also the reduction of the risk of unauthorized sales or protection against infringements.

Conducting an IP rights audit supports the development and maintenance of the IP rights portfolio. Verification of the owned and used IP assets in the company allows you to determine whether the correct and adequate measures have been applied and implemented to keep the innovative solutions created in the company confidential.

An IP audit also allows for the identification of those rights that have already lost their value for the company, so they can be sold, licensed, or their protection will not be extended.

In addition, as a result of the audit, priority IP rights may be identified, as well as areas where IP rights are missing and where obtaining additional rights would be recommended.

IP audits should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that the IP acquisition strategy remains in line with the business strategy of the innovative enterprise. The team of experienced practitioners at FGGH IP perfectly understands the business needs of its clients.

Our IP rights portfolio management offer is addressed to clients who are interested in optimizing the costs of IP protection while maximizing profits from the exclusive rights held.

The assessment of IP rights in the enterprise refers to the current and future direct and indirect benefits that can be obtained from various forms of IP rights. The legal status and market conditions are relevant factors in assessing any type of IP law.

Conducting IP search is an element of modern management in the company. The purpose of the research is to identify the main trends in the industry and to help plan the work of the R&D department in such a way that the projects developed there are patentable without the risk of avoiding the allegation of infringement of third-party rights when implemented on the market.

Another aspect of managing IP rights is to identify threats to business development and sometimes also opportunities for its functioning, which are associated with third-party exclusive rights.

Patent research and FTO or due diligence analyses offered by the FGGH IP Patent and Law Firm are helpful in identifying these limitations. Investing in development or marketing and sales activities without prior verification of legal risk factors, including IP analyses, is highly risky, as is the possession of goods that infringe the exclusive rights of others, as well as a lack of care for your own brand and trademark by ignoring unauthorized copying by competitors.

By cooperating with FGGH IP experts, you receive professional assistance in the field of useful tools and methods for intellectual property management, compliant with the European Standard EN ISO 56005:2021 (Innovation Management: Tools and Methods for Intellectual Property Management: Guidance (ISO 56005:2020). We develop and help clients implement solutions that ensure effective protection and the safe development of innovation.