Patent applications

Protection of inventions requires the preparation of a professional patent specification that takes into account the formal and substantive requirements of the Patent Office. Properly prepared documentation for a patent application is crucial for any Applicant. The patent specification and especially the patent claims, are decisive for the scope of protection granted and, consequently, for the market monopoly obtained by the Patent holder. The preparation of the patent specification is often preceded by a patent search, known as a state of the art, during which it is determined which published patent documents belonging to the same or a related field of technology provide the background for the presentation of the advantages of the described solution. Once a patent application has been filed with the patent office, the content of the patent specification can only be modified narrowly, meaning that adding new information about the solution is not possible within the same application.

The extent of disclosure of the solution in the patent specification is often closely related to the protection of business secrets and the determination of what information the Applicant chooses to present in the specification and what data will remain unavailable. In turn, one of the requirements is that the invention for which a monopoly is granted be reproducible on the basis of the description, without the need for additional creative activity. Finding the balance between successfully obtaining protection and securing key information only as know-how, requires the advice of an experienced patent attorney.

National and European patent attorneys at FGGH IP provide preparation of professional and compliant patent specifications, filing of the applications in domestic mode at the Polish Patent Office, European mode at the EPO and in international PCT mode before the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Thanks to our long-standing practice and relationships developed over the years with patent attorneys of every specialty around the world, we also support our clients in applying for protection filed abroad, which are made directly at a foreign patent office or are a step in an international procedure. The choice of the territorial scope of protection always depends on the strategy and financial capabilities of the client. Working with the experts of FGGH IP , our clients are assured that we will select the right, cost-optimized protection instruments and procedures that are consistent with the company’s business goals.

We ensure an open dialogue with the inventors at the stage of drafting, as our experience shows that the substantive support of the inventors combined with the knowledge of the patent attorney allows to prepare patent specification for even the most complex solutions. We believe in effective cooperation, which is why it is so important for us to cooperate with inventors also at further stages of proceedings before the patent office. If it is crowned with obtaining protection, it gives us great joy and professional satisfaction. Words have tremendous power, especially in the context of drafting patent applications and the final approved content of patent claims, key to the scope of the monopoly obtained. We invite you to cooperate with us, we will gladly face any idea.

As part of comprehensive case management, we will also take care of granted patents, monitoring the deadlines for payment of annuities and, if necessary, defend the patent office’s decision to grant a patent in litigation proceedings.