Patent searches

An indispensable tool for entrepreneurs and researchers seeking information on innovations in a given field of technology is patent search. At FGGH IP, we are well aware of the importance of such services, which is why we provide a whole range of comprehensive searches that allow us to better understand the current technological and legal status in a given industry.

We also conduct FTO analysis, through which we can verify the risks associated with infringement of others’ exclusive rights in a given territory, or assess manufacturing and commercial freedoms. In addition, we specialize in providing high-quality patent analysis for grant applications, assessing, among other things, the barriers to implementing a technology or product at different levels of TRL technological readiness.

  • identifying potential constraints to implementing a technology or product in a given market;
  • analyzing technology trends, helping to find niches for new product development;
  • monitoring the activities of competitors in a given field of technology, providing knowledge of industry developments;
  • inspiration to create your own innovative solutions;
  • saving the costs of patent procedures: before the patent office evaluates your invention, we will do it before the application is filed, adjusting the scope of protection of the invention giving the chance to obtain protection faster.

Patent search is a business tool that is able to provide a range of important information and guidance for protecting intellectual property and making strategic decisions in the field of innovation. We know how to do it, which is why we offer support at multiple levels, enabling each client to focus on achieving market success.

For solutions involving creations that can be protected cumulatively through patent protection or as utility models or industrial designs, we offer comprehensive search that includes both patent and registered design databases. Thanks to our comprehensive approach to searches, our clients get a comprehensive picture of the market situation and possible risks.

Patent search allows, on the one hand, to plan effective strategies for the protection of solutions at various levels, and on the other hand, to plan actions to eliminate barriers to market access, when we are able to demonstrate the lack of prerequisites for the patentability of an invention and, consequently, lead to the invalidation of the patent. At FGGH IP, we act professionally, comprehensively and always with the safety of each client in mind. Trust our experience and knowledge in this area.