Protection of personal rights

Personal rights, in particular honor, name or alias, image, scientific, artistic, inventive and rationalization creativity, as well as the secret of correspondence, remain under the protection of civil law regardless of the protection provided by other laws

 Due to many years of experience in advising businesses and individuals on the protection of personal rights, we know how important it is to ensure the protection of this sphere of exclusivity, as well as to fight for respect for these inherent human assets. 

We also know how important it is to quickly and efficiently eliminate all cases of infringement of a given good, as well as to provide the injured person, in the civil proceedings,with the means to restore the lawful state, including through publication in the press of a rectification of statements, or to provide compensation for the damage suffered.  

We advise our clients on how to ensure the proper exploitation of the image of the creator, artist, graphic artist, actor, musician, writer, inventor and any other person, in order to limit the risk of violations of their personal rights. We know how much damage can be done by the activities of dishonest competitors, or the dissemination of false information by individuals, especially in social media. We are able to counter such illegal practices.

As part of our assistance to clients, we advise on how to ensure due protection for the creators or purchasers of rights to a work, with respect for the personal rights of those involved in the creative process. We prepare and negotiate contracts regulating the scope of exploitation of rights to a work, including the aspect of respecting image rights, particularly in advertising, music, film contracts, and securing property rights. We know how huge investments are associated with the proper regulation of the principles of proper commercialization of a person’s image, especially artists in their artistic work, as well as advertising and sponsorship.

When a dispute arises, we act with determination and commitment, striving to stop the infringement as quickly as possible, as well as to assert the rights of the creators, obtain compensation or return the unjustly obtained benefits of the infringers.