Trademark searches

By using a trademark search service, you gain the opportunity to:

  • verify whether a proposed new trademark dedicated to product/service is distinctive;
  • determine whether identical or similar trademarks with prior priority have been registered;
  • protect yourself from potential claims related to infringement of others’ rights;
  • obtain information to decide whether to start work and invest in activities related to marketing a product with a new name.

In addition, the results of a trademark search can inspire the creation of new trademarks.

Thus, a trademark trademark search service gives us an answer to the question of whether the developed trademark that we want to use in business has a chance of obtaining protection.

From our years of experience we know, that it is always preferable to conduct a trademark search at the very beginning of working with a trademark in order to minimize the risk of a threat in obtaining the protection right.

In case of a positive result of the search, we can allocate funds for marketing activities related to the launch of the product.

The trademark and patent attorney, based on the available data collected by the patent offices, finds out whether the trademark has already been registered or whether there are other obstacles to obtaining the right.

How important this stage is – all those entrepreneurs who have filed a trademark application without conducting a trademark search know, thereby exposing themselves to obstacles to its protection and being forced to commit additional resources to defend their application in registration proceedings or to search for an entirely new name.

Acting as professionals, we conduct trademark searchers at every stage of working with the creation of a new trademark – from the conceptual stage, where we assess a name for its distinctiveness under trademark law, to the stage of final selection of the elements constituting the claimed mark.

At FGGH IP, we make sure that our clients protect the fruits of their labor safely and efficiently by conducting trademark searches.