Increasing awareness of intellectual property, consolidating existing knowledge and updating it in connection with changing regulations or new types of protection introduced are just some of the activities that every responsible entrepreneur should take care of. This applies both to those employed in research and development departments, those involved in technology transfer and, finally, managers, who should know what opportunities and what risks, from an IP perspective, individual business decisions bring.

Conducted by FGGH IP specialists, training courses, tailored to the needs and level of knowledge of the subject matter, will provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the legal aspects of intellectual property protection. Our many years of experience resulting from cooperation with patent offices, entrepreneurs, universities, institutes, as well as creators – allows us to conduct training enriched with numerous examples taken from practice.

FGGH IP offers training for entrepreneurs, institutes, universities or industry groups. We also offer meetings on selected issues of greatest interest to a particular market segment or sector. During the training sessions we organize, we discuss, among others:

  • intellectual property basics, fundamental concepts and benefits of IP protection;
  • the process of registration and subsequent protection, introducing the required steps, documents or deadlines for effective registration of exclusive rights;
  • IP management, presenting the best practices and actions to implement, but also those that should absolutely be avoided.

We invite you to take advantage of the FGGH IP training offer. Regardless of the client’s experience, we are able to tailor the topics and level of sophistication of the knowledge presented to meet expectations, ensuring maximum benefit for all participants.

Invest in your intellectual property knowledge and gain an invaluable advantage over your competitors.