Unfair competition

Ownership of a trademark, patent, industrial design, utility model or copyright confers many privileges, but also creates many risks associated with its unauthorised use by dishonest competitors. 

We have had the opportunity to deal with many cases where third parties have engaged in dishonest activities, for example by offering products similar to those protected by our clients’ rights.

We provide comprehensive advice on how to identify the unfair activity, whether client rights are being infringed and, if so, how to identify specific rights and possible strategies to counter the unfair practices of competitors.

 We discuss the opportunities and risks of the proposed actions. We also cooperate with law firms from all over the world in cases where the unfair practices go beyond the borders of Poland.

We know that well-protected customer exclusivity is essential to combat unfair competition. However, even where these are in place, the actions of competitors can encroach on the exclusivity protected by these rights. Our experience in handling unfair competition cases allows us to use the full range of legal options to effectively curb such unfair actions.

We conduct both pre-litigation and litigation proceedings in all instances. We participate in negotiations and mediations and, once all out-of-court options have been exhausted, we prepare and conduct litigation on behalf of our clients.

For cross-border disputes, we work with a group of trusted lawyers and patent attorneys around the world to provide consistent and comprehensive support through to the elimination of a competitor’s unlawful practice.

At FGGH IP we understand how important it is to act quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner when an unfair competitor enters the market. We have a zero tolerance approach to dishonesty. We select the means and instruments of action individually for each client.